About Us

BSHK&HATİP LAW firm is a collective of lawyers who are experts in their fields of law with the aim of reflecting their legal experience to its clients.

Comprehensive and qualified legal consultancy and advocacy services that provide up-to-date, fast, and effective solutions to ever-changing and increasing legal needs are personally provided by independent lawyers in full accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Attorneyship Act.

At BSHK&HATİP Law Firm, lawyers offer services tailored to the needs of individual and corporate clients within the framework of professional ethics and social values.

We use our experience locally and globally to produce the most efficient and fastest solutions for our clients. We are transforming our work experience into a brand-new consultancy in niche areas.

BSHK&HATİP offer a wide range of legal services ranging from corporate law to banking and finance law. Specializations of legal advisors include areas such as intellectual property law, e-commerce, maritime trade, and energy law.