Regarding YEKDEM Applications

YEKDEM is a mechanism developed to support and encourage renewable energy production in Turkey. The government aims to ensure that renewable energy sources become more attractive to energy investors through this mechanism developed. It is a single annual functioning mechanism, and application dates are vital to take advantage of this incentive. Because an application that is not made during the period may deprive investors of the right to benefit from the incentive. Therefore, in order to prevent possible loss of rights, it is necessary to follow up the announcements made by the institution and make applications within the period. In this announcement made by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority(EMRA), application dates and time periods were determined within the scope of YEKDEM applications for 2022. 31 October 2021 has been set as the last day in terms of YEKDEM applications for 2022 and if YEKDEM applications for 2022 have been made by 31 October 2021, these people can benefit from YEKDEM for 10 years, it has been stated. Applications can be made electronically by October 31, 2021, following the announcement of EMRA that will be published in August. Production facilities that switch to partial operation or pass by the end of 2020 are also entitled to benefit from the 10-year YEKDEM incentive if they make their applications for YEKDEM in 2022 by the specified date. In accordance with the decision of the President No. 2949 dated 18/09/2020 and published in the Official Gazette No. 31248, YEK certified production facilities that will be operational from 01/01/2021 to 30/06/2021 will have the opportunity to benefit of YEKDEM until 31/12/2030 Again, these people must apply for the year 2022 by October 31, 2021. Finally, the announcement stated that a YEKDEM application will not be received in 2020 regarding the YEK certified production facilities that will be put into operation from 3/11/2020 to 31/12/2020.